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Monika Kafka

Leadership Coach
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It’s time to reimagine leadership.


In my 25 years of field research carried out as an hr professional, coach and consultant with experiences in the United States, Canada, Europe and India - I witnessed first hand how we all swim in change, complexity and uncertainty. We want to thrive, and we are often sensing that our life could be different. We want to provide great results, impact the world positively and be better citizens. 


As a leader, as an emigrant, a mother, partner, daughter, creative soul and a seeker, I know now that the solution isn't to work more, harder, or faster. 


I’m dedicated to affecting change in the world by helping you recognize your leadership gifts,  as you face the challenges of today and tomorrow in your work, relationships and communities - to help you thrive and feel balanced & integral.


I’m energized by what we can create and learn (or unlearn) together. Let’s connect!


Leadership Coaching
Leadership Development
Group Facilitation

Leadership Coaching

“How are my behaviours and mindset enabling or constraining my intended leadership impact and our business performance?". Individual leadership coaching will enable you to answer this question. You will also be able to identify your leadership gifts, learning edges and get clarity on what's next. You will grow your emotional intelligence, confidence, and resilience. One-on-one coaching sessions deliver expert guidance when it matters most.


Leadership Development

Typically built around developing the key skills that research has found are needed for mid-level leaders to succeed: influence, communication, thinking and acting systemically, self-awareness, learning agility, and resilience. Leadership development programs usually include highly personalised feedback based  on Leadership Circle Profile, as well as post-program assessment and individualised coaching sessions to ensure continued support and reinforcement. We create unique leadership development programs  tailored for your organisation.


Group Facilitation


Group facilitation is foundational for engagement, dialogue and supporting effective collaboration during problem solving.

As a trained facilitator I design the process to enable your team to make progress and find their own solution in the easiest and most effective way.

As a neutral person in the room I establish a climate that enables frank and constructive dialogue, even in settings where there are differences in power, rank, and cultural backgrounds. 



A good leadership retreat can be an opportunity to ‘future proof’ your organization, challenge assumptions, tap into creative imagination, disrupt, innovate, take risks.  

If designed with purpose it is an invaluable opportunity for your team to reconnect, realign and recharge.

The most powerful insights need space to breathe. I help design retreats that provide space to manage the energy, not only the agenda, always leaving enough time for a real exchange of ideas and meaningful strategy conversations.

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I'm based on the beautiful Vancouver Island in BC, Canada

I recognise, and give deep thanks, that I work, live, and create on the traditional lands and unceded territories of the Quw'utsun peoples.

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