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While the best leaders need not attempt to be well-rounded, the best teams should.

Gallup’s research found that top-performing teams have strengths in four specific domains: Executing, Influencing, Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building. 

We support our clients with Strengths Based TeamDevelopment. 

When it omes to great  accomplishments, good partners are often the key.

A founder/leader can be better with good partnerships. However uncomplimentary partnerships can become detrimental to growth.  

We provide ways of discovering and building upon complimentary strengths and pathways towards fulfilling your potential. 

The most effective people are always investing in Strengths. 

They surround themselves with the right people and then maximize their relationships, partnerships or teams. 

We provide Strengths Based coaching.

What Strengths are you leading with? 

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​​​​​we believe in investing in what's working. here you can find SUPPORT IN CREATING and sustaining environments OF HIGH ENGAGEMENT, TRUST, AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR MASTERING EVERYONE'S TALENTS.

Growth & transition led by your strengths.​​ 

are you experiencing confusing changes in your life? 

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We explore the underlying pattern of transition

and discuss coping strategies based on your unique strengths.

​​​why is it so tempting to try to fix


"Monika is a great team coach. High work ethics. Perfect understanding of interactions in business management. Professional business psychology knowledge. Able to implement change even working outside of organization. Demanding with charm. I strongly recommend."

Tomasz Modzelewski, CEO

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Every coach and facilitator is different.

When you know precisely your own talents you can

strategically target clients and partners, thus find and enjoy your  own niche.

Complex role of HR Business Partner? 

How do you make impact and where would you like to have more of it?

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Culture wins.

And a winning culture is one that values strengths-based development. Because a strengths-based workplace is transformational; it’s a culture that focuses on continual growth and improvement among everyone in the organization.

In transformational, strengths-based workplaces, culture is borne of a shift from the old ways of managing people to the right ways of developing them.